chris jericho memes

Chris Jericho has accomplished a lot in the world of professional wrestling, so it almost goes without saying that he’s quite knowledgable when it comes to the business.

Recently, reported that Chris Jericho and Jim Ross are currently planning to launch a wrestling company backed by a wealthy investor, and once the report started making the rounds it caught Chris Jericho’s attention.

The former WWE Champion responded to the report when he posted the following on Twitter:

Chris Jericho’s sarcastic tweet indicates that he’s not starting a wrestling company, but as we’ve seen in the past, Jericho loves to go out of his way to troll fans.

If this year has proved anything, it’s that Chris can show up anywhere at any time.

Whether or not Jericho is truly working on launching a wrestling company remains to be seen, but in 2018 the only that’s for sure about Chris Jericho is nothing’s for sure.