chris jericho

There’s not much that Chris Jericho can’t do. He’s a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the frontman for the band Fozzy, he’s acted in movies and he’s even hosted TV shows. But there’s one TV show hosting gig that Jericho unfortunately missed out on.

Chris Jericho has been doing quite a few interviews as of late to promote his new book  “No Is a Four-Letter Word” and in chapter 13 he reveals that he missed out on hosting “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and the job went to “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Riberio, better known to fans of the show as Carlton. But he told The Orlando Sentinel that he’s made a point to not let any of his failures define him.

“If you focus on your failures, you’ll never make it,” Jericho said. “You’re not defined by your failures. You’re defined by your successes, but those failures can help you be successful in the long run.”

Chris Jericho also noted that he could return to WWE tomorrow if he wanted to, but wrestling for WWE isn’t something he considers to be a full-time gig anymore. Fans who are expecting Jericho to slow down sometime in the future shouldn’t hold their breath, because the first ever Undisputed Champion is always looking to take his career to the next level.

“I think you can always go farther,” he said. “I never really sit down and drink my own Kool-Aid … One of the principles in the book is sit back and enjoy what you’ve done, and I do, but it’s never a matter of ‘Wow, I’ve come a long way, I sure am great.’”

Fans who want to order Chris Jericho’s new book can do so by clicking here, and if you’ve already read the book feel free to let us know what you thought about it in the comments below.