Many fans feel that Cesaro is one of the most underrated talents on the Raw roster, and that he has a bright future as a singles star. But Cesaro has spent the past few years of his career mostly focusing on tag team wrestling, and at the moment he’s one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions with Sheamus.

Cesaro and Sheamus were put together after their intense Best of 7 Series, and during a recent interview with Al Arabiya English, Cesaro revealed that he found out about the tag team at the same time the fans did.

“The moment I found out I was teaming with Sheamus was the moment the fans did. It was when Mick Foley announced it on [Monday Night] Raw. I didn’t know much before that, and actually anything you saw on TV since then, and even before that with the best of seven series, was essentially art imitating life.”

It’s safe to say that teaming up has worked out for both Superstars, but Cesaro also noted that he wasn’t thrilled when he found out he would be forming yet another tag team.

“I was lucky enough to have many different tag partners. I was partners with Kassius Ohno as the Kings of Wrestling [in the indies], and in WWE I was with Jack Swagger. I thought we were the best tag team to never win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Next, of course, my partnership with Tyson Kidd, which was tragically cut short after six months. I wasn’t looking to be in another tag team, and I know neither was Sheamus. Now we’re having the time of our lives.”

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