If you’ve ever had dreams of becoming a pro wrestler and want to learn from people with experience then now you have another option in regards to where you can learn the ropes of pro wrestling.

It’s a pretty big day for Heath Slater as the WV native’s wrestling school is now officially open for business. It might even rival celebrating his birthday in his home state and actually going over in a match.

But Face 2 Face Wrestling isn’t located in West Virginia, it happens to be in Atlanta. So if you’re in the area and have always wanted to become a pro wrestler then now seems like just as good of a time as any to follow your dreams.

Heath Slater’s got kids and now he’s got a wrestling school. Face 2 Face Wrestling opened on August 9th and they’re officially hitting the ground running by accepting a whole crop of new students with visions of back bumps dancing in their heads.

People start their journey in becoming a pro wrestler everyday and with passion, dedication, sacrifice, and a little bit of luck there are success stories. If you think you have what it takes and want to learn from people who know a thing or two about the business then this sounds like a great opportunity.

You might have heard of some of Face 2 Face’s other trainers before like Jazz, Curtis Hughes, Ron Simmons, Teddy Long, and a plethora of other veteran coaches to lead young wrestlers on their way to greatness. Mr. Curtis Hughes knows a thing or two about training people to be a pro wrestler as well because he was instrumental in training Heath Slater, Apollo Crews, and GFW star Moose.

So give Face 2 Face Wrestling School a call if you’re in the area or feel like traveling a good distance for some premium wrestling training. Heath Slater is sure excited about it.