braun strowman

This week on WWE Raw, Braun Strowman cut a promo saying that no matter what happens with the Universal Title at SummerSlam, it doesn’t matter because he will be cashing in Money in the Bank sooner than later.

He was then interrupted by Kevin Owens who told him bigger problems are coming his way, and then Constable Corbin made his way out into the arena.

Corbin introduced Jinder Mahal who made his way to the ring to help Strowman with his anger issues. Strowman played along for a few minutes before attacking Mahal to end the segment.

Later backstage, Kurt Angle was talking to Stephanie McMahon when Kevin Owens and Constable Corbin approached them.

Owens said he wants to face Braun Strowman at SummerSlam under one condition, Braun puts the Money in the Bank briefcase on the line.

Kurt Angle denied his request, but then Stephanie McMahon said it sounds like a good idea, and she booked the match.