braun strowman

A few weeks ago, Stephanie McMahon booked Braun Strowman in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match against Baron Corbin, with the stipulation being that Strowman would earn a Universal Title shot if he won, and Corbin would become Raw General Manager permanently if he managed to beat Strowman.

Braun was then written off TV after Corbin smashed the steel ring steps into his arm, and he recently underwent elbow surgery.

Due to Strowman’s elbow surgery, his status for the match was unclear, and after Corbin made his way to the ring he grabbed a mic and he taunted the crowd.

Heath Slater was the ref for the match, and Corbin told Slater to count to 10.

Slater got to 7 then Braun’s music hit and he started walking down the ramp with his arm in a sling.

The crowd chanted “get these hands” as Strowman grabbed a mic and told Baron Corbin that he forgot there are no disqualifications in a TLC match, so if someone wanted to help them they could, and it would be perfectly legal.

Apollo Crews then appeared holding a steel chair, then Gable & Roode surrounded the ring with chairs.

Corbin tried to get out of the ring, but Finn Balor grabbed a chair and stopped him.

They all surrounded the ring then Heath Slater took his referee shirt off, threw it at Corbin then punched him.

The faces then beat Corbin down and he tried to leave, but Kurt Angle stopped him at the top of the ramp.

Angle hit Corbin with a steel chair then Corbin got back in the ring. The faces continued to beat Corbin down, and Kurt hit him with the Angle Slam.

Balor followed up with the Coup de Grace, and Slater put his referee shirt back on.

Braun got in the ring then put one foot on Corbin as Slater counted the pin and Braun won.

The faces celebrated as JoJo announced that Baron Corbin is no longer Raw General Manager.

Vince McMahon is set to return to Raw on Monday to shake things up, so tomorrow’s show should be interesting to say the least.