Leva Bates, better known to WWE NXT fans as Blue Pants, recently talked to Rolling Stong about her time in NXT and more. You can check out the full interview at this link and read some highlights below:

How did NXT happen? Did they contact you?

They have a recruiting page online, and I filled it out and they got a hold of me through that. Actually, my first time I did anything with WWE was being a Rosebud. So when they called me for NXT, I assumed it was another Rosebud gig, which I was all for. Then they told me I was going to be on NXT doing a match. That’s kind of how it went down. They actually called me the day of the show, so thank God I was local. I ended up just leaving Universal and going straight there.

Are you surprised you’ve become a Full Sail favorite?

It was definitely unexpected. I didn’t expect to be called Blue Pants, I didn’t expect it to catch on like it did. And then when I got called back the second, and even third time, I didn’t expect for the chants to keep happening. Whenever I get those “Blue Pants” chants, it just blows my mind. I think part of it was Carmella though, whenever her character would be disgusted with me, and then I’d come out all excited, the crowd just ate it up. It really was just right place, right time; the stars aligned, and now the sky’s the limit.

Some wrestlers are concerned that if they are enhancement talent on a regular basis, that’s what they become. Are you worried about that?

Not really. I’m getting a lot more attention now. I’ve gotten more opportunities in wrestling, my fans have increased, a lot of doors have opened for me. I still do a lot of things outside of NXT, and people get that. Some of my fans have actually gotten more upset about that than me. They talk about how I’m not Blue Pants, I’m Leva. But I really don’t mind it. I have a lot of creative ideas, and I don’t think Blue Pants will hinder those ideas, even if they get to know me as her.

Have you sensed any jealousy backstage in regards to the reactions you’re getting?

No, not at all. I do hear a lot of disbelief that I’m as over as I am, but everyone has been really nice and supportive. One person even told me that I make superstars, or villains, which was really cool. Everyone has been super nice; they even celebrated my birthday the last time I was there. All of that caught me off guard. That was incredibly heartwarming. The thing is, if one person succeeds, it proves that success is possible. Everyone just stays positive there, which is great for me, since I’m a super-positive person.