WWE Backlash aired live from France on Saturday and the show featured several title matches. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were in action as Kairi Sane and Asuka defended their belts against Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill. The match featured a lot of back and forth action, but in the end it was Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair who walked out with the gold.

At one point Kairi Sane put Jade Cargill in an armbar as Asuka did the same to Bianca Belair. Both Belair and Cargill powered through, picked up their opponents and slammed them down to the mat. Bianca and Jade then hit a double team move on Kairi Sane, but Kairi kicked out.

Belair charged at Kairi Sane in the corner but ended up hitting the ring post instead. Kairi Sane hit the Insane Elbow on Bianca and it looked like it was over, but Jade Cargill made the save when she broke up the pin.

Jade Cargill then hit Kairi Sane with Jaded and Bianca Belair hit Asuka with the KOD onto Kairi Sane who was lying on the mat. Bianca Belair then pinned Asuka to win the match for her team.

After the match was over Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair celebrated with the title belts as the fans cheered.