money in the bank

Raw was a pretty interesting show this week as WWE licked their wounds from Backlash like an injured dog and ironically Roman Reigns seemed to be doing the same thing even though he beat Samoa Joe in the main event of the night in Newark. But with Money In The Bank coming up next for the WWE Universe they had to change gears really quickly and prepare to focus on their annual ladder match-inspired showcase event.

But apparently, there were plans to announce a third Money In The Bank ladder match this week. Dave Meltzer previously noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that if WWE books a third Money In The Bank ladder match this year then it will need to be a tag team match and that is apparently what WWE is doing. They’re just holding off on the big news for now.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that the original intention on Raw this week was for Kurt Angle to announce three Money In The Bank ladder matches for this year’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view event. But WWE changed their minds because they figured since there are six weeks until the big show they have plenty of time to make it official.

Unfortunately, WWE neglected to take out promos from teams like Breezango and The Ascension who were happy to hype their involvement in the Money In The Bank match. The Ascension even said that they were looking to take the tag team Money In The Bank briefcase which was a huge spoiler alert.

So if you’ve seen an advertisement for Money In The Bank featuring three briefcases, it might or might not be legit. But one thing seems to be for sure and that’s the fact that WWE still has a very big announcement planned for the tag team division at Money In The Bank.