As the CM Punk trial stretches into its fourth day tomorrow it looks like things aren’t going to slow down in the slightest. A lot has been revealed so far in this case and there could be arguments for either side. But at this point, CM Punk is sticking to his story that there was a lump on his lower back even though some testimony would refute that claim.

Now it looks like they’re calling a star witness who would know CM Punk’s back very well, his wife AJ Mendez. The former AJ Lee hasn’t wrestled since 2015, and she has since enjoyed penning a successful autobiography and is now an advocate for many awesome causes. Now she will have a chance to stand by her man in court for real as she takes the witness stand on Friday.

Not only could her testimony bring CM Punk’s personal life into full focus but some questions might get a little scandalous. After all, if you’ve ever seen a court case before things can get rather meticulous and questions have the tendency to go off in any number of directions. After all, a courtroom doesn’t have to be TV-PG.

AJ Lee was referenced several times during the Art Of Wrestling Podcast and she was also one of the people who saw Punk the most during that time. Along with the fact that the Second City Saint said he went to his wife’s doctor to get his MRSA staph infection diagnosed and there are a number of reasons why the former Divas Champion’s testimony could hold a smoking gun.

Only time will tell what will happen but Friday might be the most notable day in this trial so far between CM Punk and Dr. Chris Amann for a number of reasons.