becky lynch

Becky Lynch has been on fire as of late both in the ring and on social media, but some people still haven’t figured out that it’s best not to mess with her. WWE Raw Superstar Bayley recently said that she’s looking forward to 2019, and Corey Graves responded by jokingly saying he can’t wait for their “romance” angle.

A fan then joined the conversation and said he wishes Corey Graves could have a romance angle with Becky Lynch, and Graves responded by saying, “Me too. She could use it.”

The comment didn’t go over well with Becky Lynch who called Corey Graves a “middle-aged emo poured into skinny jeans.”

Graves tried to save face by accusing Becky of ripping off Conor McGregor, and defending his decision to wear skinny jeans.

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