WWE has been expanding with their premium live event locations as last year Clash at the Castle took place from Cardiff, Wales, the upcoming Backlash PLE is set to take place from Puerto Rico, and Money in the Bank will be held in London this year.

Fightful Select reports that WWE has been putting extra care into selecting locations for premium live events and the company has drastically changed their approach from 2022.

The idea is for each event to have a purpose whether it be thematic, financial, or strategic. Examples given for a thematic purpose were Sami Zayn challenging for the title in Montreal and Bad Bunny hosting Backlash in Puerto Rico. A financial example is WWE choosing stadiums over arenas.

When it comes to strategic examples it was pointed out how WWE is holding Money in the Bank in London ahead of their TV rights renewal in the area, and WrestleMania is set to be held in Los Angeles while WWE is prepping to sell the company and renew TV rights deals.

It was also noted that WWE is spacing out the premium live events in order to build demand in the market. WWE will often note in press releases when they are returning to a certain market for the first time in a while.