On Wednesday night The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle faced off in the main event in a Blood & Guts match, and the match was filled with brutal spots, and you guessed it, blood.

It all came to an end when Chris Jericho and MJF battled on top of the cage and MJF busted Jericho open when he punched him in the forehead with the diamond ring.

As Chris Jericho was bleeding out of his head MJF threatened to throw Jericho off the top of the cage, and Sammy Guevara surrendered on behalf of The Inner Circle. However, MJF decided to throw Jericho off the top of the cage anyway, and he came crashing down to the entrance ramp below.

It looked as though Chris Jericho landed on a crash pad covered in cardboard, but on Wrestling Observer Live Bryan Alvarez claimed that there was no crash pad, and that AEW just put down a bunch of cardboard boxes to break his fall.

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