In recent weeks fans have seen an influx of NXT talents get called up to the main roster, and on Monday Night Raw this week NXT Champion Karrion Kross made his debut when he faced off against Jeff Hardy.

Kross has been on the receiving end of a healthy push for some time now in NXT which is why many people were surprised to see him lose his debut match to Jeff on Raw.

Fightful Select reports that Karrion’s loss to Jeff Hardy surprised members of the NXT roster. Some revealed over the decision to have Kross lose and one talent even said that it felt like a message was being sent.

The general vibe amongst the NXT roster was that they were “not mad, just disappointed” as they felt that the loss was a representation of how higher ups in WWE view NXT.

It’s also being said that Karrion Kross was in good spirits after the match even though he was put in an unfavorable position.