aleister black

WWE has released a number of talents over the last few months, and one of the names that surprised fans the most was former NXT Champion Aleister Black.

Aleister Black had just recently made his return to TV after several weeks of vignettes hyping up his return, and it seemed that he was set to kick off a feud with Big E.

Now PWInsider is reporting that in some corners of WWE there’s been talk that Aleister Black was cut from the roster prematurely, and there’s been a push to bring him back.

It’s not clear if he will end up returning, but it’s being said that the feeling is Black was cut too soon, and that he fell victim to broken promises and start/stop booking more than anything that he did to hurt his status on his own.

Aleister Black is currently under a 90 day non-compete clause which is set to expire on Tuesday, August 31st. His first post WWE appearance was recently confirmed for the Big Event in New York City on November 14th.