Bobby Roode and Eric Young are done with TNA after 12 years, so what happened? According to PWInsider, Bobby Roode’s situation was similar to the same situation that caused AJ Styles to part ways with the company a few years ago. Roode was already signed to an existing deal which made him one of the highest paid talents in the company and that deal reportedly expired about a month ago. TNA found themselves in a position where they weren’t using Bobby Roode in a role that would generate enough revenue to continue paying him the same amount of money. It’s being said that Roode worked himself into a position where he became too expensive for TNA.

It was also noted that Bobby Roode had been frustrated with TNA being behind on his pay in recent months and he was very vocal about it. The pay issues were cleared up and Roode did eventually get what he was owed. Roode reportedly agreed to a new deal recently but then changed his mind. It’s not known why he had a change of heart. The two sides then worked out a deal for him to work last week’s tapings before finishing up with the company.

Eric Young recently signed a new deal with TNA but he was reportedly upset with what he was being offered. He was also frustrated to see other talents with shorter tenures in the company getting offered the same deal or something better. He told TNA management about his frustrations and then negotiated his release and worked out a deal to finish up with TNA at last week’s tapings.

It was noted that the two departures are not related and the fact that both guys left on the same day is coincidental. Bobby Roode and Eric Young will face off in the main event of Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore event on May 7.