austin aries

After a short run in the cruiserweight division, Austin Aries parted ways with WWE earlier this year, and now his no compete clause has finally expired. Aries is going to be hitting the independent scene hard over the next few weeks, and according to him he’s set to make more money over the next 6 weeks than he did with his last 4 months working for WWE.

Leaving WWE is a big risk, but if a wrestler knows how to handle themselves there’s also a big reward involved. Cody Rhodes has done well for himself, and the current ROH Champion has said in the past that he’s making more money than he did when he was with WWE.

A fan thanked Austin Aries for bringing “injustices” to the public’s attention, and the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion said he’s not trying to take a shot at WWE, he’s merely trying to point out that there are opportunities for wrestlers who want to work elsewhere.

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Bully Ray also chimed in and said that the “bingo halls” forced WWE to develop “attitude” back in the day.