The Street Profits have been teaming together for years now, but over the last few months there’s been a lot of talk about WWE potentially splitting the team up and having them work as singles competitors.

During a recent appearance on The Masked Man Show, Angelo Dawkins talked about a possible split for The Street Profits while saying that they would rather follow the same path that The New Day took.

“I think everybody’s just fascinated with everybody breaking up. They start out as groups and then they break off. And then you have that one dude who ascends big time. But for us, we’re trying to, I guess, do what The New Day did.”

“We always going to have each other’s back. When [Montez is] doing his thing –- I remember he had the Elimination Chamber and he showed out and I was there for him. I was sending support and making sure he was good mentally and just ready to go and shock the world, which he did.”

Dawkins went on to say that he thinks the team is good with staying together when he added, “I think we’re good staying together and having each other’s back and showing that we can still go for the same goals, whether we have a singles goal or as a tag team, obviously.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.