alexa bliss

Alexa Bliss has been on the WWE main roster for a few years now, and since making her debut she’s found a lot of success.

She’s the first woman to win both the SmackDown Women’s Title and the Raw Women’s Title, she’s a former Money in the Bank winner, and she’s a two time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Bliss was recently on the receiving end of some negative comments from a YouTuber who said, “I guarantee you she’s one of those women that just lays there and just takes it. Nothing. She does nothing. Can you imagine being in bed with Alexa Bliss and she performs the same way in bed that she does in the ring? Awful.”

He also said she was, “all look and no substance.”

Alexa Bliss didn’t take kindly to the negative comments, as she responded with the following:

“Normally I ignore his ignorance Bc all he wants is to be recognized by bashing me… but ex freaking scuse me sir??? … HOW DARE YOU discredit my work in such a disgraceful way. #WhatAClassAct”