john cena

For years it’s been rumored that backstage heat between John Cena and Alex Riley had a negative impact on Riley’s WWE career, and Riley himself has said that someday he will explain what happened.

Recently Riley has been targeting Cena in a series of Instagram posts, one of which popped up a few days ago with the following caption:

“I AM NOT COMING BACK @johncena I AM COMING FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AND HOLD DEAR 2 YOU SEE ME NOW!!!! #RicFlairdR.I.P. Revelation 6:9 @krisjamesedwardkiley #JesusChrist”

Alex Riley also posted a video where he does Cena’s hustle, loyalty, respect hand gesture and then ends the video by showing his middle finger to the camera.

The caption for the video also seemingly refers to John Laurinaitis as “LIEuarenITIS.”

“Put my mind on it then i BLED IRON 4 it @offsetyrn @neuronicaudio #HIGHERPOWER CONNECT-i-CUT @krisjamesedwardkiley #JACKofAlaTrades DR.I.P #H Game Over LIEaurenITIS you NOW SEE THE LIGHT”

Riley then took things to a whole different level when he name dropped Stephanie McMahon.

“IF YOU’RE READING THIS ITS TOO LATE @stephaniemcmahon I pulled back the curtain by myself take a look you will SEE #DNADRIP @krisjamesedwardkiley #BLOODiRON #GODiT @johncena WEIGHT is MATTER #DIPSHIT ;)”

The former WWE Superstar also mentioned Nikki Bella in one of his recent posts.

“BLOOD Red Red WINE @thenikkibella STAY CLOSE TOO ME you’re not the ONLY ONE @johncena ALL I can do is YET TO COME @ub40 #HustleLoyaltyRespect MY #DNA StanchioN @neuronicaudio @krisjamesedwardkiley #GOD”

Right now it’s not exactly clear what Alex Riley’s endgame is, but it certainly looks like he’s trying to get John Cena’s attention.