aj styles

AJ Styles has been on a roll ever since he joined WWE back in 2016, and since then he’s worked with some of the biggest names at the business.

Earlier this year The Phenomenal One faced The Undertaker in the first ever Boneyard match at WrestleMania, and even though he did earn the distinction of being Taker’s last ever opponent due to The Deadman’s retirement.

WrestleMania season is right around the corner, and during an interview with Alex McCarthy of talKSPORT AJ made it clear that he has some opponents in mind for the show of shows.

“If it can’t be Drew McIntyre, give me Edge. If it can’t be Edge, give me Triple H. But, of course, a number of other guys are willing to step up if it can’t be those matches.”

Styles pointed to his history with Edge where Edge separated his shoulder during the Royal Rumble match, and noted that he wants revenge.

“I want Edge because at the Royal Rumble, he separated my shoulder with that spear. So, it’s time that he get some payback. With Triple H, I feel like I’m putting him in a situation similar to The Undertaker [before every WrestleMania]. Will he accept? I don’t know.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.