aj styles

A few years ago many wrestling fans believed that they would never see AJ Styles sign a contract with WWE and wrestle full time for the company. But that all changed when AJ arrived at the 2016 Royal Rumble, and he’s been on a roll ever since.

Styles has exceeded all expectations and he’s gone on to become a two time WWE Champion, a two time WWE United States Champion, and one of the top stars in the company. But AJ’s current WWE contract is set to expire in early 2019, and Raute Musik recently asked him if he plans on signing a new deal.

“I don’t see why not if I can still do what I do,” Styles said via Wrestling Inc. “Like, if I can still be AJ Styles, then I would like to keep working in the WWE in a talent form, so as long as I can keep going, then I would like to keep working here.”

Styles has been working non stop for quite a while, but he did note that at some point he’s going to want to go home for a while and spend time with his family before transitioning into a different role.

“I think there is definitely going to be a time to just sit and chill with the family, but a guy like me just doesn’t sit at at home, so I would like to get back on the road, either as an Agent, or more importantly, become a Trainer of some sort. Who knows what will be around in WWE by the time I retire. There may be a better job than that.”