When CM Punk first debuted with All Elite Wrestling in August of 2021 it seemed that his future with the company looked bright. However, in the years that followed things unfortunately fell apart and CM Punk was ultimately fired from AEW in September of 2023.

While talking to For The Love of Wrestling about his relationship with CM Punk, Johnny TV said that he has no problems with Punk as they used to ride together. However, Johnny TV did also state that he thinks Punk bought into his own hype too much.

“I just feel like he kind of lost it. I feel like he went too far in the direction of, ‘I want this for me. I’m the best.’ Believing his own hype, clearly like when he decided to be a UFC fighter, believed his own hype took over, like not thinking through.”

Johnny also noted that he’s friends with people who don’t like Punk when he added, “Aside from that, can’t say too much about him, other than we rode together, got along, he’s a divisive, polarizing figure. The people that don’t like him I’m friends with, and they have very solid points. I’ll leave it at that.”

CM Punk is currently out of action due to injury, but will be appearing on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL.

H/T WrestlingInc.