Adam Cole made a huge name for himself all over the world before coming to NXT. Like so many people before him, at this point, a star almost needs to make themselves unavoidable before WWE will sign them. But Cole certainly did a lot on the indies and as a member of the Bullet Club to catch WWE’s eye.

Now that Adam Cole is a part of NXT fans are yelling “bay-bay” all over the world. But as Adam Cole opened up to Sam Roberts on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast the Undisputed Era member is taking his job as a top guy in NXT very seriously.

“There absolutely is that pressure. Any time guys move to Raw and SmackDown, I think that is what has kept NXT so relevant and has kept the fans so invested because they are now conditioned that whoever leaves or comes in, NXT, as a product, is going to give really exciting sports entertainment every time.”

“You do have your different generation of guys, and those generations before did an excellent job, so it does put pressure on guys like me, Aleister [Black], Bobby [Fish] and Kyle [O’Reilly], and everyone else involved in NXT now. I think that is when guys are at their best, when you put pressure and have something to work towards and have something to compare yourself to, or try to best them, it really does make you better.”

Adam Cole is obviously on top of his game and it would be hard to imagine WWE doesn’t have big plans for him. But as his career continues to unfold before him it’s always going to be important to keep his head on straight.

It’s a great thing that he seems to possess the capability and mindset to keep himself grounded as he continues his climb to the top of the WWE Universe.

Thanks to WrestlingInc for the transcription