adam cole

Adam Cole is one of the top stars in Ring of Honor, and he also happens to be the first ever three time ROH World Champion. But soon Adam Cole will have to make a big decision in regards to his future, and it’s been rumored that he could be WWE bound.

Although at this point it remains to be seen if Adam Cole will end up signing with WWE, he recently told ESPN that he would want to work in NXT before going to the main roster.

“I would want to [start in NXT] because, first of all, I’m a fan of NXT,” Cole said. “I think the brand is cool. I think the Takeover shows are awesome. I think the fans are great. I love the roster of guys. I think it’s something that’s going to be looked at as a very special time in pro wrestling, so I want to be a part of it. Secondly, of course in a perfect world if I went to NXT, I wouldn’t want to be there forever; but I like the idea of going there and performing there and getting accustomed to the WWE audience and them getting accustomed to me and then eventually making the move to Raw or Smackdown. I think it’d be a lot of fun, and I think I would really enjoy working in front of that audience.”

Adam Cole also confirmed that his contract will expire on Monday, but he says he’s not in a rush to make a decision, as he handles all of his business himself.

“A lot of people think that’s crazy,” Cole said. “Some people do have agents. Some people do have guys that deal with things like that for them. For me, I’ve always handled my business myself. It gets very overwhelming sometimes, but that’s the scenario you’re put in sometimes. I do everything by myself.”

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