In the world of professional wrestling your gimmick is everything. You could be the greatest professional wrestler of all time but if you don’t have a gimmick that connects with the fans then you truly don’t have anything at all. Steve Austin never would have made it to the top if he didn’t become Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan would be nothing without Hulkamania and could you even imagine The Undertaker without his classic gimmick?

The point is the right gimmick can make the difference between a midcarder and a WrestleMania headliner. Let’s take a look at 5 wrestlers who are in need of a new gimmick to refresh their career as soon as possible.


5. Tensai


Remember when Tensai was pinning John Cena on Raw? Take a look at where he is now. He couldn’t be any farther away from being the monster he was supposed to be when he debuted. Tensai is a veteran and although he may not always have the most exciting match he can still get the job done. Tons of Funk looks like it’s just about over so now would be the perfect time to reinvent Tensai.


4. Zack Ryder


Zack Ryder is a perfect example of a kid taking an awful gimmick and making it work. Zack Ryder managed to build a lot of momentum thanks to his YouTube show Z True Long Island Story and he even got the attention of WWE Management. Zack got a small push which quickly fizzled out as WWE did everything they could to make Zack look like a complete tool.

It’s not that his current gimmick can’t work if pushed right it’s just that WWE ruined all the potential it had in the first place. Zack needs a fresh start in WWE and the fact that he’s shown how creative he can be means he could easily reinvent himself. Zack Ryder has all the potential in the world all he needs now is the right gimmick paired with the right opportunity.


3. Drew McIntyre


Drew McIntyre was at one time The Chosen One and now he’s a member of the current faction 3 Man Band. Although I find 3MB extremely entertaining it’s hard to look at where Drew was a few years ago and not feel like his potential is being wasted. Drew is meant to be an arrogant heel and the goofy antics of 3MB just don’t really seem to fit his persona. Give Drew his old gimmick back and act like the past few years never happened, you could have Drew McIntyre back on track in no time.


2. Fandango


Fandango was fun while it lasted but less than a year later and the gimmick has already run its course. You truly can’t blame Johnny Curtis because he portrays Fandango perfectly. WWE was pushing this gimmick hard but eventually they dropped the ball and stopped giving it the attention it needed. To be fair this gimmick never should have worked in the first place but Johnny just sells it so perfectly that he’s somehow made it entertaining.

This is another case of a young wrestler making the best of what he’s got and getting nothing in return. Johnny Curtis is a valuable asset to the roster and he can have a decent match with just about anyone. A new gimmick and a fresh start could help Johnny move up the card. Johnny has proved with Fandango he can make any gimmick work so I think he’s earned the right to give some input on where his character goes from here.


1. Wade Barrett


What in the world has WWE done to Wade Barrett? Three years ago he was headlining PPVs with the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton but  now he’s a complete joke. Let’s be honest here the Bad News Barrett gimmick isn’t that great but it could still work if WWE was using it right. Barrett seems committed but the lines they’ve given him to deliver as Bad News Barrett are just so lazy and forgettable.

Wade Barrett is a legitimate tough guy and he needs to be pushed as such. Drop the Bad News Barrett gimmick like it never happened and go back to the ruthless bare knuckle brawler that he should be. Wade Barrett doesn’t need much of a gimmick. All he needs is to be himself and to be put in the right situations with the right people to prove he can be a main event player.