The tide is shifting in the WWE and although the company’s veteran talent will still be around for years to come, the time is now to build new stars. As you’ve probably noticed recently on WWE programming the company has been using their established talent perfectly and it’s making the next generation look like a million bucks. The WWE roster is in the best shape it’s been in years and these 5 veteran WWE superstars are trying to make it even better.

#5 – Goldust


Since returning last year Goldust has been putting on the best matches of his entire career. It’s unbelievable the things that Goldust can do at 45 that you never would have imagined him to do at 30. Goldust has had a stellar run tag teaming with his brother Cody. Not only is Cody better off thanks to their tag team, but so is every other performer that has worked with Goldust over the past year.

Goldust knows how to make other wrestlers look great and for quite a while he was the highlight of the tag team division.




#4 – Batista



Surely Batista’s return hasn’t been what him, the WWE, or the fans expected. Still, Batista has found the right role in WWE after taking a few months to settle in and he seems to have no problem whatsoever when it comes to helping the company build new stars. Batista tapped out to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX and he’s been letting The Shield absolutely destroy him as of late. If you look at Batista’s record since returning there’s quite a few losses in there but those losses have helped make the WWE product better.




#3 – Randy Orton



Don’t let it go unnoticed that Randy Orton has been helping undercard talent for years now. Over the past few years Randy Orton has had great feuds with Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan and it could even be argued that he helped put Mark Henry back on the map. Randy has done his best to pass on the knowledge that was handed down to him from greats like Ric Flair, Triple H and more and in the process he’s helping others put on some excellent matches.





#2 – John Cena



John Cena is finally in the right spot on WWE programming. John Cena is a huge name but he no longer needs to win titles at this point in his career. Titles are best left for other performers because John Cena has already cemented his legacy in the WWE.

John Cena’s recent program with Bray Wyatt has been nothing but gold. All the performers in the angle have brought their “a game” in and out of the ring. Bray Wyatt will come out of this feud looking like a huge star and the matches he and Cena have been putting on have been phenomenal. Simply working with Cena has made Bray a better performer and we’re eager to see who John Cena will feud with next.




#1 – Triple H


It would be wrong to put anyone but Triple H in the top spot. Over the course of the last three pay-per-views Triple H has lost to Daniel Bryan clean, lost in a tag team match against The Shield and at WWE Payback he was pinned by Roman Reigns after a spear. Triple H seems to be quite comfortable with taking on the veteran role and doesn’t seem to mind taking a loss if it means it could help build a future superstar.

Triple H recently commented on his role within the WWE during an interview with Muscle & Fitness magazine:

“I’m a character they can pull in here and there. But honestly, the less I do it at this point, the better. Even wrestling once or twice a year is hard, and I have to prepare for it as if I’m Floyd Mayweather preparing for a boxing match. It’s a commitment, and trying to do that with a full-time job and a wife and kids is very time-consuming.”

Not only is Triple H taking losses to some of company’s best up and comers but he’s also spending a lot of time working on NXT. Triple H is proud of the fact that NXT is getting so much attention and he should be. NXT actually feels like in a weird way that it’s an alternative to WWE. Triple H has really developed a definitive brand with NXT and it’s clear that he has an eye for talent.



  1. Where is kane on this list , hes been around sence early to mid 90 way longer than cena orton Batista and HHH