The 5 wrestlers below are commonly associated with TNA but you might be surprised to find out that they wrestled low level matches in WWE back in the day. Quite a few of TNA’s biggest stars wrestled matches with WWE before signing with TNA but for some reason weren’t offered contracts by the company. Below you’ll be able to take a look at 5 rare matches from TNA wrestlers you probably didn’t know wrestled for WWE.


#5 – Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian has had a great career in TNA. Kazarian has held the X-Division title and the TNA Teag Team Titles but here in this video he’s holding out hope for a WWE contract.



#4 – Christopher Daniels

Not too many wrestling fans know what Christopher Daniels looked like with hair but thanks to this video you’re about to find out. You can tell by the way he moves that although it doesn’t look like him, that’s definitely Christopher Daniels under that mop top.



#3 – Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode, what the hell is going on with that haircut? Seriously I know at this point in time people were still having a tough time letting go of the 90s but Bobby takes it way too far with those frosted tips. We’re not really sure what Bobby Roode was going for here. Maybe he was thinking if his wrestling career didn’t work out he could always be a Backstreet Boy.



#2 – Samoa Joe

WWE seems to have a no Samoa Joe policy nowadays. Over the years WWE hasn’t made any effort to sign Samoa Joe but he did wrestle a match for the company back in the day. Samoa Joe takes on Essa Rios on WWE Jakked from 2001.


#1 – AJ Styles

AJ Styles may not be working with TNA at the moment but after the long career he had with the company, it’s not hard to think of him as a TNA guy. Here in this match he shows why he’s so phenomenal as he takes on The Hurricane in what turns out to be a pretty entertaining match. Styles puts on a pretty solid match here, the fact that  WWE didn’t offer him a contract after this is a big surprise.