AJ Styles challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules but unfortunately he didn’t walk away with the gold. Styles and Reigns took each other to the limit and they even managed to top their title match from WWE Payback. But now that AJ has lost twice to Roman Reigns he’s going to have to prove himself once again in order to earn another title shot. The loss was a hard loss for Styles and everyone’s wondering what he’s going to do next. Here are a few things AJ Styles could do following his loss at WWE Extreme Rules.


#4 – Focus On Money In The Bank

Photo: WWE

Money in the Bank is the next big WWE pay-per-view and AJ Styles seems like a perfect candidate to win the briefcase this year. Styles has been on a roll ever since he arrived in WWE but the company obviously isn’t ready to take the title off Roman Reigns right now. The Money in the Bank ladder match is one of the most anticipated matches of the year and if WWE isn’t going to give AJ the belt anytime soon that the briefcase would be the next best thing.


#3 – Focus On The Club

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Now that AJ Styles has lost to Roman Reigns twice he could possibly be out of the title picture for a little while. Styles has been friendly with his buddies Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson since they arrived in WWE, but his feud with Roman Reigns has kept The Club somewhat divided.

If AJ’s feud with Roman Reigns really is over for the time being it would give AJ the opportunity to interact with Gallows and Anderson more and the group could get on the same page. With The Club unified they could assert their dominance in WWE and possibly go after other championships and then focus on the World Heavyweight Championship a few months down the road.


#2 – Feud With The Club

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been offering for weeks to help AJ win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but AJ has been reluctant to accept their offer. The Club did interfere in the title match at Extreme Rules, but in the end it didn’t make a difference because Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles.

If AJ Styles had been more willing to let The Club do their dirty work over the past few weeks the outcome could have been very different. They could have injured Roman Reigns ahead of time to ensure that Styles would get the victory.

There are a lot of rumors going around in regards to how this angle with The Club is going to play out, but AJ’s loss at Extreme Rules could be the starting point for a feud that positions Styles against The Club if WWE decides to go that route.


#1 – Find A Way To Get Another Title Shot

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AJ Styles has challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice and both times Styles failed to capture the gold. Although the ending of both matches was definitive, it’s highly unlikely that AJ is just going to give up that easily.

Seth Rollins returned at Extreme Rules and he wasn’t shy about letting the world know that he wants to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion once again and it looks like WWE could be setting up a Rollins vs. Reigns title match for Money in the Bank. For years fans have been dying to see AJ Styles face off against Seth Rollins, and if AJ could somehow find a way to get another title shot a Styles vs. Rollins vs Reigns WWE Championship match could potentially tear the house down at Money in the Bank.


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