As I have written about in prior posts for Still Real To Us, wrestling podcasts are often more entertaining than the weekly television we have access to. But not all wrestling fans know what a podcast is; many wrongly believe that the WWE Network’s recurring Stone Cold Podcast is an example of such.

In turn, here are four recent podcast episodes from this month that are worthy of your time and attention:

MSL & Sullivan – One of the MLW Network’s first podcasts was MSL & Sullivan, as hosted by former WCW booker and wrestler Kevin Sullivan and indie worker and announcer Mister Saint Laurent. The two have a great dynamic as Saint Laurent clearly respects Sullivan, while Sullivan clearly enjoys the company of a younger, informed wrestling fan. The July 6, 2017 episode of the show opens with Sullivan discussing politics. While this would normally be awful to hear, Sullivan interestingly explores how wrestling is so much more accepted by the mainstream these days than it was decades ago, giving examples of such. This then leads to a theory related to Linda McMahon and Bill Maher. Ultimately the episodes explores a “classic” episode of WCW.

Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard – I believe I have recommended an episode of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard in every podcast-related column I have written for Still Real To Us — and with good reason. It is always entertaining and informative, giving a unique take that no other podcast can offer, as Prichard was there behind the scenes for so many key events within the history of pro wrestling. The edition, Episode 53: The Rise Of CM Punk, looks at CM Punk’s career in depth. Prichard tells a little-known tale of Punk taking a shot on occasion in honor of Harley Race. All in all, this is a tribute to one of the most original people that WWE has ever employed.

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast – Sam Roberts first gained acclaimed as one of Opie and Anthony’s producers. Ultimately, Roberts became an acclaimed host and interviewer, not just working in the background. On the 141st episode of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Roberts speaks to two of the stars of the new Netflix series G.L.O.W. with comic Jim Norton in tow. While the episode does talk about some of the wrestlers involved with G.L.O.W., it more so focuses on the experience of two non-wrestling fans — actress Alison Brie and comedian and podcaster Marc Maron — being immersed into the wrestling world and gaining an appreciation of such. The prior edition of Roberts’ show includes long-time wrestling fan and comedian Ron Funches.

Dinner With The KingNow 17 official episodes into his life as a podcaster, Jerry “The King” Lawler co-hosts Dinner With The King each week with Glenn Moore. This podcast is different from that of other wrestlers for a few reasons. One, Lawler is still active with WWE (and also on the indie scene) so he has insight into what is going on in present day. For example, he was able to tell listeners on a prior episode about some legal difficulties for WWE surrounding the name of the upcoming Great Balls Of Fire pay-per-view. Two, Lawler was part of some of the all-time big storylines in wrestling, beyond working as a booker, so he has a lot of unique insight. Three, Lawler is such a natural talker that he is able to talk about non-wrestling topics and anything that Moore brings up off the cuff. Four, Lawler’s podcast does not rely on interviews, celebrities or cameos on a regular basis, since the show really is about Lawler and Moore. In turn, Dinner With The King generally offers top-tier audio content — even if this edition revolves around Lawler’s foray into music.