Yes, we know CM Punk is gone from WWE and most likely done with wrestling. No, we aren’t going to stop talking about him.

Regardless of what CM Punk is doing with his life now, his legacy in professional wrestling is something no one can ever take away from him and it’s one hell of a legacy to leave behind.

Punk accomplished a lot during his WWE career and anyone who thinks that it should just be forgotten, and erased from the record books is depriving themselves of some great entertainment. CM Punk had many great matches during his WWE run and these are just 4 of our favorites from his 434 day title reign.


#4 – CM Punk Vs The Miz Vs Alberto Del Rio – TLC

For all intents and purposes this was CM Punk’s first legitimate shot at carrying a pay-per-view on his own and he definitely delivered. A triple threat TLC match is an exciting concept to begin with, but CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio managed to get creative and send the fans home happy.

WWE left John Cena off the card for this event and it seemed to be somewhat of a test for CM Punk to see if he could carry a pay-per-view. It’s clear to see that if this was a test, he passed with flying colors.


#3 – CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho – WrestleMania 28

CM Punk and Chris Jericho managed to have one of the best buildups to any WrestleMania match in recent memory. These two performers dedicated everything they had to getting people hooked on this storyline and they succeeded.

This angle was personal, it was intense and it was dramatic. By the time WrestleMania 28 rolled around the fans couldn’t wait to see Punk and Jericho tear each other apart and they didn’t disappoint.


#2 – CM Punk Vs John Cena – Night Of Champions

Every single time John Cena and CM Punk faced off against each other they just got better and better. This match is no exception. The best thing about this rivalry is that these two always pushed each other to the limit and they never had the same match twice.

I remember being at this event live and the electricity in the arena was off the charts. The drama and excitement were at an all time high in Boston on this night as John Cena pulled out all the stops in an attempt to end CM Punk’s WWE Championship reign.


#1 – CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan – Over The Limit

When it comes to picture perfect matches this one is a shining example of how great wrestling can be when done right. These two already knew each other so well and you could tell they were beyond thrilled to have a chance to show what they could do together on a big stage.

It’s impossible not to hang on every move in this match and it’s impossible not to be fooled by the false finishes. The word entertaining doesn’t even come close to describing how much fun this match truly is.





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