It’s the SmackDown Live after WrestleMania and who knows what will happen? WrestleMania left a couple holes in the roster that they need to fill after Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn failed to get their jobs at WrestleMania and they also failed to get gigs on Raw last night too.

Shinsuke Nakamura is a heel now which is extremely interesting and could be fun. Also, Charlotte Flair is still SmackDown Women’s Champion while Carmella is still Miss Money In The Bank.

The Bludgeon Brothers are also carrying titles as well as giant hammers to the ring but they’re still plenty scary/creepy.

So let’s see how SmackDown celebrated their big start to the new season after WrestleMania 34.

Opening Segment

Shane McMahon came down and thanked the fans for WrestleMania and then he really put Daniel Bryan over.

Shane said Daniel Bryan was now a full-time WWE Superstar and then he announced his replacement… Paige.

It was just last night she was leaving everyone in tears as she retired from the ring and everyone thought she was leaving for a long time and it was reported all over that she would be gone for awhile. But Paige said Shane McMahon was waiting around the curtain after she retired and then the crowd started chanting “this is your house.”

She brought up Daniel Bryan and Shane had to coax people into doing Yes chants. Paige said D-Bry hadn’t competed in a match on television in over three years so that was changing tonight and he will face…insert New Day “who” and Rusev Day chants here…Paige took some time and people started chanting “AJ Styles.” Then she said AJ Styles and the place exploded.

Here’s the thing, that match might be exciting but you never know what can happen with a heel Shinsuke Nakamura hanging around.

The Usos vs The New Day

This is a rematch of a rematch of a rematch. But one thing is for sure, both teams needed a win right now after their loss at Mania. The New Day used Big E’s muscles to hit Jey Uso with a massive belly to belly and then Xavier Woods got him on his shoulders so E could splash down on Uce. Ouch, Uce.

The New Day did their Unicorn Stampede bit while Kofi tossed pancakes into what was left of this WrestleMania crowd. Big E charged at Jey into the corner and buried his shoulder into his stomach and then Xavier hit a nice gutbuster on him to really set it in before latching on an abdominal stretch.

Uso returned with a Samoan Drop after a comeback on Woods as Corey Graves pointed out that this might be the last time we see the Usos and New Day as teams after the Shake-Up. Big E nailed one of those scary suicide dives he does while Xavier Woods scored a near fall.

They gave Paige credit for booking this match as Woods slapped Jey in the face and punched him in the body while screaming to “get up!” Jey came back and they started trading shots until Woods went low and Jey slumped over the middle rope. Jey and Woods made a tag and Big E nailed a backbreaker on Jimmy Uso for a near fall and then E took the straps down on his singlet and started a “New Day rocks” chant.

Jimmy and Jey hit Superkicks all around and there were some near falls. Jey climbed up top and hit a splash on Big E and that one sealed the deal.

Winners: The Usos via pinfall

So the Usos will face The Bludgeon Brothers in Saudi Arabia at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

Naomi was interviewed about winning the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal and Natalya came in talking about how he should have won and they talked a little trash. Now they’re making this happening in the ring.

Naomi vs Natalya

Naomi took Nattie down but she kipped up out of it and posed because she was very proud of what she had just done. So The Glow kicked her in the face.

Nattie tried to dropkick Naomi but she was slapped down and then Naomi nailed a kick to Nattie’s back while she was in the roped followed by leg drop while she was still in the ropes. Neidhart quickly rolled to the outside after this to collect herself.

Natalya took control and stretched at Naomi as the crowd chanted away and she caused some separation with a few kicks but Natalya caught Naomi while she was going for a springboard move and hit a spinning powerbomb for a two count.

Nattie tried for a Sharpshooter but Naomi fought out of it so Nattie nailed a discus clothesline for a two count. Then after a little exchange, Naomi landed a kick to the head and a split-legged moonsault for the win.

Winner: Naomi via pinfall

Renee Young was backstage and asked Shinsuke Nakamura why he turned on AJ Styles after the match and he said maybe he got very emotional that night and he said he was very, very sorry but it was spoken with a ton of sarcasm. Then Renee called his attention to his disingenuous tone and he said, “sorry, no speak English” and walked away like a baller.

Charlotte Flair Speaks

After the crowd showered her with plenty of “woooo” chants Flair got going and said her battle against Asuka was the toughest of her career and she thanked The Empress Of Tomorrow and the fans. But she’s still the champion.

Flair said she left everything they had in the ring and it was magical while the crowd applauded. “So the question is who am I gonna make magic with next” and suddenly the Iconic Duo appeared and the place lit up.

The Australian Beauties received plenty of NXT chants they said that they’re wizards waiting to put on some magic and make Charlotte’s title disappear.

They said Flair’s match at WrestleMania was good, but it wasn’t Iconic.

They got in the ring and mocked Charlotte and looked right at home in the ring. After they were done the crowd cheered for them and chanted “Iconic.” They said that right not it’s out with the old and in with the Iconic.

Flair tried to jump them but Peyton and Billie jumped her. Flair had some trouble getting Peyton out of the ring and finally told her to “get out” so she did and then she turned around while Billie hit the Shades Of Kay kick.

Charlotte fell out of the ring and the Iconic Duo beat Charlotte around the announce table and sent her face-first into the ring post while the crowd chanted “Carmella.”

They sent Flair into the steel ring steps and The Queen sold her injuries well. There were some Aussie “oy oy oy” chants while Peyton and Billie picked Flair up and hit a double powerbomb to the floor.

People chanted, “Carmella” while they picked her up and drug her in the ring and it was a struggle because her body was lifeless. As they posed over Flair’s unconscious body the crowd cheered and their music played while some referees finally showed up to usher them away from the ring.

No Carmella though, which would have made perfect sense… and then suddenly it happened. Mella ran down with her briefcase and broke her record of holding the MITB briefcase. The referee didn’t seem to understand and he took his time walking to the corner. All of this happened while he took his time and cashed it in as Flair got to her feet.

“Ring the bell” Mella screamed at the referee who seemed to still be drunk from a late night on the French Quarter. As soon as the bell sounded, Carmella kicked Charlotte in the head and 1-2-3. Now Carmella is the new SmackDown Woman’s Champion.

Winner and NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion: Carmella

The crowd cheered as Mella celebrated and danced around the ring while Charlotte Flair laid motionless in the ring.

While Carmella continued to celebrate on the top of the ramp, Flair sat up and didn’t look happy. Then Carmella went back to the ring to get on the apron with her new SmackDown Women’s Championship so she could rub it in, raise her title over her head and yell, “I’m the champ! I’m the champ!”

It was a great time to have been a fan of Carmella’s since she was in NXT.

Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton vs Rusev

Jinder Mahal sat at ringside like royalty with his United States Title while the competitors of this match fought on.

Aiden English got a ton of cheers and everyone knew it was Rusev Day while they chanted it loudly.

This was a #1 contender’s match for the US Championship and everyone started ganging up on Rusev right from the get-go. As Roode and Orton pummeled Rusev he stumbled around the ring until he was taken outside and Randy threw him against a barrier.

Rusev mounted a comeback while it was noted on commentary how there are no count outs or DQs in a match like this. Orton tossed Roode over the top rope and focused his target on Rusev.

The Viper waited until Rusev got to his feet but The Bulgarian Brute landed a foot to his head. Then Rusev beat Orton’s head off the apron and around the ring. Orton blocked a shot off the announce table and suplexed Rusev onto the table.

Roode came up to Randy and tossed him in the ring and then he started firing off clotheslines. Bobby Roode climbed to the top rope and hit a top-rope clothesline before pumping himself for a Glorious chant. But Orton reversed out of a Glorious DDT.

Orton nailed a powerslam on Roode and went to the apron where he fell off to Rusev could hit a suplex of his own onto the announce table. Rusev jumped in the ring and started lighting Roode up with kicks and clotheslines.

As the “Rusev Day” chants started to get loud, he landed a Machka Kick and slapped on the Accolade. He really needs to start going for a pinfall after the Machka Kick though because Orton just kicked Rusev out of the ring, hit an RKO on Roode and scored the pinfall.

So, the match will be Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal at Backlash once again.

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall

Carmella was interviewed backstage where Dasha asked her what made tonight the right night.

Mella said tonight was the right night because it was finally time to kick Charlotte off her throne. She waited for 287 days and tried to contain her emotions while she talked about who she really wanted to thank her self. All those tears were an act because she did it all by herself.

Dasha asked her about Peyton Royce and Billie Kay and Carmella said, “who?” Then she said, “Mella is money now Mella has the gold.” She really is quite good in the promo department.

Meanwhile, in another portion of the backstage area, AJ Styles was interviewed about Shinsuke Nakamura and he said he wanted to put his teeth down his throat. Then he said Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest but he’s not Phenonomal.

Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles

Yes, Daniel Bryan is facing AJ Styles in his first singles match since his WWE in-ring return. I guess if he only has a finite number of matches in him, they better make them count. So thank you, Paige.

AJ took control in the beginning of it and Bryan tried to muscle out, he transitioned into a bridge and started a test of strength. Then Bryan started laying in the kicks to AJ Styles.

Styles limped around the ring as Bryan nailed kick after kick and then D-Bry transitioned his offense into an arm submission hold to weaken that forearm. Daniel used his foot on AJ’s arm to use expert precision to execute the hold as well as Styles transitioned into a reverse and got out of the hold.

Styles nailed a dropkick off the ropes and Bryan rolled out of the ring. Then AJ Styles landed a forearm dive over the top rope onto the floor where Daniel Bryan stood waiting to catch him.

AJ locked in a submission hold but Daniel fought his way out of it. Then Daniel shot off the ropes and nailed an elbow followed by a running dropkick in the corner. As AJ Styles sat on his knees in the middle of the ring, Daniel hit some Yes Kicks but AJ countered the final one with a dragon screw.

AJ got to his feet and landed a flying forearm in the corner. Daniel flipped over AJ Styles but Styles landed a reverse neckbreaker for a two count.

Daniel landed a throw into a flying armbar but AJ kept his fingers locked. Styles turned it around on Bryan and got in the Calf Crusher. Daniel Bryan writhed on the canvas in pain and flipped it around on AJ and transitioned it into a Yes Lock but Styles wouldn’t let him lock it in. He rolled Daniel around for a pin and he kicked out.

Styles landed a Pele Kick and a lariat for a two count and this crowd was getting more than their money’s worth. AJ went for a Phenomenal Forearm but Daniel caught a kick and started some huge Yes chants.

AJ turned the running knee into what looked like a Styles Clash but Daniel turned it into a Yes Lock, however, AJ got his foot on the ropes.

Daniel places AJ on the ropes and caught him in a tree of woe while he landed a few kicks to Styles. Then Bryan got AJ on the top rope and AJ shifted his weight and turned it into a crossbody.

Suddenly, Shinsuke Nakamura ran into the ring and landed a Kinshasa on Daniel Bryan so the referee called for the bell. Then Shinsuke nailed another low blow on AJ Styles and another Kinshasa before the referee was able to get him leave AJ alone but it wasn’t until after Nakamura landed another low blow and left looking very pleased with himself.