Ever since Daniel Bryan retired from WWE back in February, the WWE Universe has pined for their ultimate underdog. Finally last month the company managed to find a job for the former World Champion that ensured that he was still around the wrestling business, but there wasn’t as much danger to his health.

As the General Manager of SmackDown Daniel Bryan has so far done a fantastic job of being Shane McMahon’s right-hand man, but it seems this could all be a ploy that could see the former Intercontinental Champion return to action.

When Bryan retired it was said to be because of a lot of backed up medical conditions from a lengthy 15 year spell in the wrestling world. But recent rumors suggest that Bryan could actually return to the ring because he was cleared by WWE doctors before he opted to walk away from the company instead.

Whilst many fans thought they had seen the last of Bryan in the ring, a recent episode of Talking Smack showed The Miz cutting a promo on the current GM where it seemed like there would be a match in the near future.

Miz currently has the title that Bryan was forced to relinquish following his second long-term absence due to multiple medical issues arising from numerous concussions and a brain lesion. He was then on hand to award his successor Ryback the Intercontinental Championship at Elimination Chamber last year.

The Miz himself has held the Intercontinental Championship since the night after WrestleMania this year and has so far fought off all comers with the help of his wife Maryse, who is a former Divas Champion.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan have a lot of history, Bryan was Miz’s rookie back in NXT and it was Daniel who ended up taking Miz’s place in the SummerSlam match that year against The Nexus.

There is a deep-rooted hatred between the two superstars and many believe that this could be a fantastic way to allow Bryan to return to action. There would be no one better for him to come back to fight than someone he has had many battles with previously.

Of course, Bryan hasn’t been in the ring for more than a year so if he is once again cleared for action with WWE then it would mean a few months of getting back into shape and preparing himself for what could be a very dangerous match.

The WWE doctors wouldn’t clear him to wrestle unless they were one hundred percent certain that he wouldn’t make his obvious injuries much worse by taking more unforgiving bumps.

Forbes.com has recently published an article that has seemingly created more speculation surrounding this rumor because of the following statement:

“WWE has not completely shut the door on a Daniel Bryan return to the ring. Keep in mind, Bryan was cleared by doctors to return to the ring, prior to his retirement announcement, but not by the WWE medical team.”

If Daniel’s body has managed to heal somewhat whilst he has been on the sidelines over the past few months then he could be cleared by the doctors for one last match. Something he was never granted before his retirement.

There is also the fact that Daniel Bryan’s wife Brie isn’t actually retired either, she has been away from WWE since WrestleMania when she took part in what was advertised as her final match. But officially Brie could easily come back to WWE because it’s only a part-time retirement.

This means that both Brie and Daniel could make returns to WWE if the company negotiated a deal and he was able to be cleared by the WWE medical team. It would be a fairytale scenario for the WWE Universe and it would be a fantastic bow out for one of the best technical wrestlers of the past generation.

Even though many people are currently building this speculation as a come-back for Bryan it is likely that this would only be a one match deal because both Brie and Daniel look set to start making a family soon and continue to film Total Bellas.

Their future beyond WWE already looks incredibly bright, but if recent reports are to be believed, Bryan could be making a return to the ring and that will definitely be a match that the WWE Universe will savor.