nia jax

Nia Jax has been given a huge push on the Raw roster recently that even saw her added to her first ever WrestleMania match a few weeks ago.

Nia and Charlotte then had a disagreement the night after WrestleMania, that lead to a match between the two women this week on Raw. The match was never going to be a crowd favorite since it pitted heel against heel, but it was a match that needed to happen so that Charlotte could leave for SmackDown without any unfinished business.

That being said, fans have not reacted well to Nia since after it seems that she botched two huge moves on Monday night that could have caused Charlotte serious injuries.

Nia first dropped Charlotte straight on her head when it looked like she was going for a shoulder breaker, something that should have seen Charlotte land on her knee, not on her head. The referee checked on Charlotte after the move, just to make sure she was ok.

Later, Charlotte performed a moonsault on the outside and Nia ended up being too far back and didn’t catch Charlotte’s body at all, instead, she was hit in the face with her legs.

Charlotte has now moved to the SmackDown roster away from Nia Jax so this isn’t a match that Charlotte will be having again for a while, and it is currently unknown how much hot water Nia is in herself, even though it does go in her favor that Charlotte hasn’t been reportedly injured.