Last night at WWE Roadblock: End of The Line, it was the beginning of the line for a returning superstar who not only returned in epic fashion, but he put the entire Cruiserweight Division on notice.

Just when the WWE Universe was sure that Brian Kendrick was the baddest guy in that Division, Neville made his WWE return and proved that he has what it takes to push that glass ceiling even further.

It is unknown why Neville hasn’t joined the Division sooner, he is the right weight and he could have easily been integrated with the Cruiserweights a while ago. That being said, if WWE were planning for such an incredible moment, then it is only right that they waited this long.

Neville is a former NXT Champion, at one point he was the longest reigning NXT Champion, he proved how good he was when he was down in NXT and he was part of the group of stars that made NXT relevant in the first place.

At times it has felt like WWE has forgotten all about his ability and his history, and it is a sad sight to see Neville used to put other talents over when he deserves the boost himself. Luckily the Cruiserweight Division seems to have come at the right time for the British star and it could well change the shape of the division going forward.

205 Live has been a solid show for the past few weeks with many fans sharing positive reviews of some of the best high-flying stars in the world, but the fact that WWE is only slowly allowing stars true colours to come through has hindered it somewhat.

The Universe is aware of who the face and heels are, but there aren’t any hard hitting feuds happening right now that the WWE Universe feel that they need to be apart of. Bringing Neville in and doing it in the fashion that WWE did has finally given the Division an angle and it could well be just the one Neville needed.

Attacking both TJ Perkins and the Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann has given Neville the option of which one he wants to go up against, but it has also opened the door to an alliance with the one man he didn’t attack last night in Brian Kendrick.

Kendrick was there the entire time and Neville walked past him at what point which clearly meant that he wasn’t going to touch him, this means that either WWE was sending a message or Kendrick and Neville could actually be on the same page.

Kendrick is one of the best characters in the entire division and for Neville and the former Champion to team together against Perkins and Swann, it would open a door to many other feuds and allow the division to finally take off beyond what they have already achieved.

There is also the option that Neville would want to go solo right now and take out whoever steps in his way. The WWE Universe is getting their first glimpse of Neville as a heel superstar and I have to admit, it does fit his character well.

The obvious sad point here is that The Red Arrow definitely won’t be used anymore since heel stars are rarely allowed to use them. And if they do it is usually so that they can miss, like Seth Rollins with the Phoenix Splash.

Neville’s character has so much more depth than the WWE Universe realised and it could really be something huge for the Cruiserweight Division to have him on board. Let’s be honest, WWE was never really going to push Neville out of the mid-card, so at least here he is getting TV time and being able to fight for a title.

There are many stars who have come through the WWE ranks from NXT and haven’t been used as effectively as they could have. Neville finally being given a chance is a good thing for WWE and it’s a fantastic thing for all the other NXT talents who are being misused, it shows that there is a place for all of them, they just have to wait for WWE to realise it.