It’s always great to find out how awesome some of our heroes in pro wrestling are in real life. There’s a reason why Charles Wright went from Sir Charles to Papa Shango and Kama Mustafa before finally transitioning into The Godfather. He kept an amazing attitude and was game for anything even becoming the Goodfather for a while. Now he is in the WWE Hall Of Fame and it is a much-deserved honor.

Magnum CK recently spoke to Still Real After Party about his recent experience with Wright’s Papa Shango character and said he can magically do complicated algebra and speak Spanish since Shango put a voodoo curse on him. Then he got real and discussed what it was really like to be put under Papa Shango’s spell.

“Legitimately though, like whatever aside he’s the coolest dude in the history of the world. Like it’s odd, it’s just surprising sometimes how many of those guys are actually cool because you hear kinda stories about certain folks who are like legends and Hall Of Famers and stuff and you’re like, ‘eh I wonder what this one’s gonna be.’ He is like the sweetest like most happy-to-be-there person ever, it’s great. I mean it really makes a big difference too.”

“Just a tiny little peek behind the curtain I guess because you know, whatever,” Magnum continued as he acknowledged that little isn’t known by the general fanbase because kayfabe is essentially a thing of the past as he put it, “the toothpaste is out of the tube at this point.” Then he continued to reveal what it was like to work with the Bone Street Krew member and WWE Hall Of Famer behind the scenes.

“I went to find him because he was The Godfather at the beginning of the show and of course we had our segment coming up and we were like the fourth segment I think and he was in the bathroom putting on all his makeup which he’s actually is like pretty meticulous about. Like he did the original makeup. Like you see so many guys, not to rag on anybody but you’ll see like Demolition on a show and they’ll do like the ‘house show makeup’ they don’t have the base it’s just like they’ve done one eye and they’re like ‘yeah you get the idea.’ Like when Ultimate Warrior would just paint his logo on his cheek and was like, ‘yeah you got it, right? I got a Warrior t-shirt on you know who I am.”

“So [Papa Shango] is in there for a really long time putting on his makeup and I hadn’t had a chance to talk to him yet like at all, even to introduce myself and I heard he was a cool guy but I was like, ‘okay.’ And I’m one of the older guys in the group and they all kinda looked at me and I was like, ‘I’ll go in the bathroom and talk to Papa Shango.'” Then everyone laughed at the bizarreness of that sentence as Magnum CK admitted he said at the time that he never thought he would utter those words.

“So I go in there and I’m kind of talking to him and I introduce myself you know in the mirror and he’s putting on his makeup and I was like, ‘well we have a couple ideas but we wanted to see what you normally do.’ And he said, ‘I’ll come out and I’ll start shaking like this’ and he starts acting it all out ‘and I’ll put my hands in the air and yell and then you know you guys just get voodoo’ed or whatever. Just do your thing.’ And we’re like luckily we were way into it so we got all this black voodoo juice and everything. But he was just a way cool guy. Like not a big deal you know, just way into it and that’s like the coolest thing.”

Magnum CK sold Papa Shango’s curse, turned to the crowd and screamed, “Warrior!” then he went backstage. He went on to say that during intermission he waited a while to go out and meet fans for autographs and photos and when he finally did emerge with black ink all over him from the voodoo curse he was acting strange to sell Papa Shango’s wrath.

You can check out the madness that ensued in the ring in the video below to see how the whole thing turned out. One thing is for sure that everyone had a great time at the AIW Gangsta Party and much like freestyle dancing, selling a voodoo curse might not be pretty but it looks like a lot of fun.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Still Real After Party with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription