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The Undertaker is without a doubt one of the most legendary professional wrestling characters of all time, but recently the man behind the gimmick has been breaking character and showing a different side of himself to the world.

Fans have been talking a lot about “The Undertaker: The Last Ride” documentary on WWE Network, as the show provides a very candid look at what Taker has gone through over the last few years.

Triple H recently spoke to the Gorilla Position about The Undertaker’s decision to drop the character, and he noted that Taker and others had reservations about it.

“I don’t know that you could name anybody else in the business whereas recently as just a few years ago, if you would see a picture of him in a T-Shirt, shorts and flip flops, or his wife at the beach or something like that, people would lose their mind over the picture. For him to maintain that mystique until just recently is amazing. So, I think there were reservations on his side and a lot of people’s side.”

Triple H went on to say that he doesn’t think the mystique surrounding Taker is gone, because now everyone knows how amazing his story is, and it was done at the right time.

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