WWE is Vince McMahon’s house, but over the last few years fans have gotten a taste of how Triple H runs things thanks to NXT.

NXT has received a lot of praise, and the brand is often thought of as Triple H’s baby, but Vince McMahon is still the one who calls the shots on the main roster.

With the XFL set to relaunch in 2020, some fans are wondering if Triple H could get more control of the main roster, and a fan recently got Triple H’s attention when they posted the following tweet:

“I truly believe that if #WWE talent can hang in there till Vince switches to his XFL pipe dream next year (and assuming @TripleH switches to main roster control), things will actually improve. It’s a ways away, but a hard reset + post-fox deal growing pains would do wonders, imo.”

Triple H liked the tweet, but he later un-liked it, but before he did the fan managed to grab a screenshot of the like.

It’s also worth noting that Triple H recently liked and un-liked another tweet criticizing Vince McMahon which reads as follows:

“@VinceMcMahon maybe the problem with the Raw and SmackDown ratings isn’t due to wrestlers injured, it’s that you put confusing and pointless storylines. Although it wouldn’t hurt if you gave your wrestlers insurance. Just a thought @StephMcMahon @TripleH @WWE”