bobby roode

The the 4/5/17 television tapings continued as it featured Kassius Ohno and Roderick strong taking on The Authors Of Pain. NXT is obviously trying to push AOP to the moon. Tokkar and Rezar defeated Ohno and Strong clean in definitive fashion. Ohno was the one who took their finisher and the former Chris Hero put them over clean. Newcomer Jeet Rama defeated Jay Skyler. NXT obviously sees something in this Indian superstar. Bobby Roode later came out and delivered one of his Glorious promos.

Roode continued by claiming he single handily sold out the Amway Center. He said the future is in his control. This future in NXT sounds rather Glorious to us. Roode besmirched Shinsuke Nakamura by saying he embarrassed The King Of Strong Style to the point that he left. But, he wasn’t going to trash talk for long until someone came out to try and shut him up.

Bobby Roode took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeve and gathered himself. He was furious and said he was going to destroy Hideo. Unfortunately for Roode, he walked right into a Go To Sleep. Looks like Bobby Roode has a new challenger in the form of Hideo Itami.

If you’ve ever wondered if Jack Gallagher will ever get a crack at the United Kingdom Championship, then you’re in luck. Jack Gallagher took on Tyler Bates next on the show for the WWE United Kingdom Championship. But, they’re not alone.

Tyler Bate defeats Jack Gallagher in a classic wrestling match like your granddaddy used to know. These two guys are great talents and continue to impress with their ability. Peyton Royce and Bille Kay continue their heelish ways, but they are unsuccessful in defeating Aliyah and Liv Morgan. After that female match another segment featuring two tough women come out and set up a match we’re all looking forward to.

NXT’s newest big acquisition, Drew McIntyre was out next to take on Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas.

Aleister Black continued on his destructive path as he defeated Kona Reeves. Ruby Riot came down for a match and she was jumped from behind by Nikki Cross. The two brawled on the ramp and Ruby Riot delivered a punishing suplex to her on the ramp Officials had to rush in and separate the two raging females.

Tye Dillinger might be on his way the WWE main roster, but he defeated Eric Young in an awesome cage match on his way out. Dillinger defeated Youg by escaping the cage. Afterward, he received a proper send-off from his NXT family.

Tye Dillinger cut a great promo about how much he loves the NXT crowd. He said this isn’t his first time in WWE and he almost lost this chance too. Then he gave all the credit to the NXT fans for carrying him to a new level.