UPDATE: Rusev and Lana have since taken to social media to deny that Rusev requested to be released, and Sportskeeda has deleted the story from their site.

WWE is a massive company that puts on many live events each and ever year, and the WWE roster is quite large at the moment. Unfortunately not everyone can be pushed to the top, and it can be argued that some of the brightest stars on the Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live rosters just aren’t being used right.

One star who appears to have a problem with how he’s been used as of late is former WWE United States Champion Rusev. Sportskeeda is reporting that Rusev is extremely unhappy with the start/stop booking that has taken place over his career, and he has requested his release from WWE.

Rusev reportedly got into a fairly heated altercation with SmackDown Live creative last week over the way he and Lana are being booked, and Brian “Road Dogg” James had to step in and calm things down. It was noted that Rusev does not have any heat backstage, he’s simply unhappy with the way he’s being used.

However, the company has not granted his request, and although Lana is said to be unhappy with her position in the company as well, Lana did not directly ask for her release.

Sunday night at SummerSlam, Rusev faced off against Randy Orton and prior to the match The Bulgarian Brute delivered a beat down to The Viper outside of the ring. But Rusev’s luck took a turn for the worse when Randy Orton defeated him with a RKO in a matter of seconds after the bell rang.

There is no issue between Randy Orton and Rusev, and Orton reportedly supported Rusev’s request to be released because he likes Rusev. Orton is another star who is said to be unhappy with the creative on SmackDown Live and he wants to go to Monday Night Raw.