SmackDown Live looks a lot different following the WWE Superstar Shake-Up but that’s kind of the point of shaking things up in the first place. But with so many names moving around as we look back and see the new picture WWE has created for the Blue Brand there seem to be a few glaring holes.

Not only is the mid-card barren on Tuesday nights, but there aren’t a lot of top babyfaces to go around either. Dave Meltzer discussed this on Wrestling Observer Live where he opened up about what WWE could eventually do to even things out a little bit.

“SmackDown has a good line-up and one thing you’ll notice because I actually did a whole breakdown of the Superstar Shake-Up of the rosters in the new issue is that on paper you look at SmackDown and it looks really good but the babyface side, a lot of the babyfaces are not full-time.”

“They don’t have a lot of depth in — they do have like when you look at Randy Orton and AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Daniel Bryan it looks like a really strong big four. But of the four the only one who’s a full-timer when it comes to going on the road would be AJ and AJ’s you know… getting older.”

“AJ’s going to have to carry the ball unless they make some changes or something like that. So they definitely need one more full-time top guy on the babyface side and I think down the line that guy is gonna be Andrade but I think Andrade has to start with a heel along with Zelina Vega at least a year before they make that turn.”

Of course, there are plenty of people out there currently celebrating Rusev Day every day who would love to see the Lion Of Bulgaria in that top babyface spot. But from the looks of it, WWE is keeping Rusev as a heel while he gets a tremendous reaction from the crowd, sells a ton of merchandise, but still wrestles like a bad guy in the ring.

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