shane mcmahon

James Ellsworth and Carmella kicked off SmackDown Live this week, and Ellsworth did his Ellsworth thing where he hyped up how great he thinks Carmella is. But it didn’t last very long because the former Face of America Kevin Owens made his way down to the ring to interrupt Ellsworth.

Owens tried to convince the referee in the ring to give him his shirt, and as he badgered the ref, Shane McMahon’s music hit. Shane then made his way down to the ring and got in Kevin’s face.

Shane told Kevin Owens that he has to stop blaming him for his losses. He said that KO blamed him for his loss at SummerSlam, and then things got real.

Kevin Owens asked Shane McMahon if he needs to be in the spotlight because he craves attention from his daddy, and he didn’t stop there.

KO mentioned Shane’s kids, and Shane got very serious then told Kevin never to mention his kids again.

It seemed like Owens was going to back off, but then he told Shane that his entire family would have been better off if he hadn’t survived the helicopter crash he was involved in a few weeks ago. He named the members of Shane’s family, and then he said that his kids would be better off if Shane hadn’t survived, and Shane went off on Kevin and started punching him.

McMahon continued to lay into Owens and they fought outside the ring by the announce table. Shane and Kevin were then pulled apart and Daniel Bryan made his way down to scold Shane.

Backstage Daniel Bryan apologized to Kevin, and KO told Daniel Bryan that he’s going to sue every member of the McMahon family, and he’s going to take WWE down.

It’s been rumored that Shane and Kevin will be facing off at Hell in a Cell, and it certainly seems like their rivalry is heading in that direction.