Paige hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for more than a year, but there had been speculation all week that the former Divas Champion was set to make her return to the company last night on Raw to take the final spot on the women’s Survivor Series team.

Bayley predictably won the triple threat match by pinning Mickie James and took the spot on the team, that is captained by Alicia Fox. Many of the WWE Universe took to social media to vent their frustrations at the fact that they expected Paige to return and she didn’t even though she is now cleared to make her in-ring return following neck surgery.

PWInsider is reporting that WWE officials were split when it came to either her or Bayley for the last spot in the match, but the decision was finally made to be Bayley since the company wants Asuka to be the stand out woman in the match and Paige is now expected to recieve a huge push when she does return in the near future.

Another potential reason the company has decided to push her return back to after Survivor Series may be due to heat with WWE executives. Paige posted a picture of her and Alicia Fox on Instagram yesterday and it was reported that officials were not happy about the amount of attention this received.

Whilst there is still some speculation that Paige could return to TV tonight as part of SmackDown Live, it seems much more likely that the former Divas Champion will make her return in the coming weeks as soon as the company has put Survivor Series weekend in its rearview mirror.