The last time WWE had a draft they didn’t even call it a draft. Vince McMahon dubbed it a Superstar Shake-Up because it was alliterated and sounded cooler I guess. But they pulled it off and separated the Raw and SmackDown brands by roster. You can argue about how well the Superstar Shake-Up ended up doing for either side but it turned out to result in a few great programs throughout 2017.

Now it looks like it might be time once again for WWE to shake things up once again. But this time WWE could be changing a lot more than just who is on which roster. There are some strong indications that WWE could be moving toward nixing the idea of holding separate brand pay-per-view events and Backlash might be the start of this new trend.

According to WrestleZone’s Nick Hausman WWE has been internally talking about holding a draft at the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view event. This could jump start the new theme of holding split-brand pay-per-view events once more and serve as a launching pad for future storylines.

While it was noted this decision isn’t set in stone just yet, he indicated that this was the current thinking backstage. We will have to see what WWE decides to do as the time comes closer to the May pay-per-view. But it looks like it will be a pretty important event and could start a new chapter in WWE History.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE responded to questions concerning a split-brand pay-per-view format by saying they will have an announcement imminently which leads many to presume WWE will be moving forward with this idea they just need to figure out the proper time to make an official announcement on the matter. Only time will tell though because you never know with WWE.