For those who haven’t noticed, Paige competes in Dr. Martens, a British footwear brand as opposed to normal wrestling boots.

Speaking to WWE Magazine, the former Divas Champion explains why she prefers them over shoes:

“I’m used to it,” Paige says. “You have to break them in so I had to wear them on the streets. They’re very good, very British. I’m sticking to my guns. I’m really happy they’re back in fashion again because I love them and I own a pair, so I might as well put these babies on.”

Paige also discussed the differences of style wrestling in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

“We have different rules than you do,” says Paige. “There are also different match concepts. We have rounds and public warnings. So public warnings are basically, you get two. If you get a third one, you’re disqualified. So if you get caught cheating, they give you your first public warning and tell you not do it again. As for rounds, say you have five rounds and they’re six minutes each. That’s how we do it in England. We have long matches, but breaks in between.”