WrestleMania season is just about to kick off and no WrestleMania season would be complete without the yearly rumor that Sting is going to WWE. For the past few years Sting has only been signing a one year contract with TNA which expires around WrestleMania season ever year so that he can keep his options open. It’s believed that his one year deal with TNA will soon be over and that he worked two recent TNA live events in order to fulfill dates that he owed to the company on his contract. The storyline involving Sting which airs on tonight’s episode of Impact is also an indication that his contract is either expired or will be soon.

For what it’s worth the latest rumor going around is that WWE officials feel they are closer than ever to signing Sting this year and people backstage are talking like it’s really going to happen this time. Sting has said himself in interviews that he has had talks with WWE in the past but obviously a deal has never been reached.

Signing with WWE would be a great move for Sting as he has to be looking at retirement in the near future and WWE would provide him with the financial means to do so. It would also be great for the fans who could possibly get to watch the long awaited dream match of The Undertaker VS Sting at WrestleMania. Say what you will about Sting being up there in age but he’s proved the last few years in TNA that he can still put on one hell of a match when needed and The Undertaker more often than not steals the show at WrestleMania so although some may think the window has closed on this match we here at Still Real To Us feel that it still has the potential to be something special.

Only time will tell what happens as far as Sting signing with WWE as these rumors pop up every year but one way or another we should all know the answer in the coming weeks.

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