kurt angle

Kurt Angle is the current General Manager on WWE Monday Night Raw, so if a Superstar wants an opportunity on the show then they have to contact Angle. Dash Wilder of The Revival recently brought up the fact that they’ve dominated Roman Reigns two weeks in a row, and Angle responded by calling the two matches “meaningless.”

Angle later deleted the tweet, but Wilder responded to Angle with the following:

“I’m not Jason Jordan and I’m not your son. No match is meaningless. You’d think the GM of Monday Night Raw would know that. You’re as clueless as everyone says. No wonder Corbin is going to take your job.”

It seems that Kurt realized he forgot to choose his words carefully after ended up on the wrong end of some backlash for the tweet.

Either way it’s probably safe to say The Revival will be looking for an opportunity tonight on Raw.