kevin owens

Last week on WWE SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon crossed the line when he attacked Kevin Owens in the middle of the ring. The action continued outside of the ring, and Kevin and Shane ended up battling near the announce table before they were pulled apart.

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SmackDown Live General Manager later informed Shane McMahon that he received a call from his father, and Shane was suspended per the order of Vince McMahon. Bryan then made another big announcement when he revealed that Vince McMahon would be making his return to television on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

All night long Kevin Owens hyped up the fact that he was planning to file a lawsuit against WWE, and Vince McMahon addressed the potential lawsuit when they met in the ring at the end of SmackDown.

Vince McMahon told Kevin Owens that if he files a lawsuit, he’ll be fired. Vince said that he’s dealt with many lawsuits, and he’s never lost one. Vince added that by the time the lawsuit gets to court, Kevin Owens will be bankrupt, and he challenged him to file a lawsuit.

Vince said he suspended Shane because he didn’t finish the job and kick Kevin’s ass hard enough. He then reinstated Shane and he added that Shane will be facing Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell in October.

Owens agreed to the match, but he told Vince to give him his word that he can beat a McMahon senseless. Vince shook Kevin’s hand and gave him his word. Kevin Owens then head-butted Vince McMahon, and Vince fell down then started bleeding from his forehead.

Vince got up and tried to hit KO, but Kevin knocked him down and a referee broke it up, but KO kicked Vince in the ribs while he was down.

Kevin Owens then went to the top rope and hit a frog splash on Vince McMahon.

As Owens was walking up the ramp, Stephanie McMahon returned to check on Vince and she helped him up the ramp. Stephanie told continued to tell the referees and medics that Vince was complaining about his ribs as the show went off the air. This is the first time Stephanie McMahon has appeared on Raw or SmackDown Live since WrestleMania 33.