shelton benjamin

Jim Ross is a WWE Hall of Famer, and for many fans he’s the voice of wrestling. Fans will be seeing Ross very soon, as it’s been confirmed that he’ll be part of the upcoming Raw 25th anniversary show.

Throughout his storied career Jim Ross has seen many stars come and go from WWE, and one star who fans eventually thought would become a World Champion is Shelton Benjamin.

Unfortunately for Benjamin, he didn’t manage to win the big one in WWE, and during a recent interview with the Unsanctioned Podcast, Jim Ross noted that part of the blame falls on Shelton.

“Part of that is Shelton’s fault. He was making really good money, he had a really good spot on the team, but he wasn’t at the top of the roster, but when he worked with a top guy, he killed it. But when he got his opportunities, maybe they were ill-timed or he was ill-prepared, whatever, he didn’t hit a home run on a mic as he hit in the ring. So we needed to protect him or fix that. But, here’s the thing nowadays, it’s not a 100 percent, but I can say at least 90, if you’re not talking, you’re not getting over.”

Ross also addressed his past friction with Vince McMahon, and he noted that Vince McMahon has chewed him out in the past, but he feels that he deserved it.

“I wasn’t the easiest guy to manage. The story about McMahon used to give J.R. hell; he did sometimes. But guess what, guys? I deserved it sometimes. I deserved to get my ass taken to the woodshed. I’m not infallible, I’m a human being, I have strong opinions, and sometimes I forget who my audience is. And also, I was like one of those guys that I don’t like now and disagreed with every damn thing you say – if you don’t agree with everything I say, you’re an idiot, and I used to think that.”