Jim Cornette is never one to hold in his thoughts about any given subject. He is notoriously not a fan of PWG and other indie promotions that experiment with the idea of what pro wrestling used to be.

To Jim, it is serious business. He doesn’t take too kindly to people making a mockery of the sport he loves and the business that has made him who he is today.

On a recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Corney was asked about the new GLOW Netflix show and he said he didn’t care to watch it because he remembers the OG GLOW television show.

Needless to say, he doesn’t remember it too kindly.

“The original GLOW in the 80’s when it came on it was syndicated everywhere,” Cornette said. “And for two years you just couldn’t get away from that f-cking show. But it was a godd-mn clown show f-cking parody of wrestling with girls who hadn’t even had — most of them hadn’t had wrestling backgrounds.”

“But it was bad comedy, bad scripted bullsh-t and when I first saw it my head exploded because I was like ‘oh my god.’ Because you didn’t want at that time for people to see that kind of thing because some of the stuff looked just good enough that you could see how they f-cking worked it and it looked like the guys’ sh-t which was just rotten in its own right.”

“But it was a bad wrestling parody show that I f-cking hated and it wasn’t because of girls involved — I’m not being sexist. It was because it was a phony f-cking comedy wrestling show and that was not done especially in those days.”

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